Intuitive Portraiture



I have always been intrigued by people. This natural draw toward portraiture is enhanced by my fine-tuned sensitivity, which usually allows me to grasp a person’s personality traits quite easily. Simple interactions with people spark my "sixth sense",  and I soon find my inner vision being filled with metaphoric imagery related to the person's psyche. It feels like a natural calling to take my own natural experience of people, and to translate it into a 2D art form to be shared with others. Respect and ethics are integral to my work, and I always receive consent prior to starting any work. Pairing my intuitive skills with photography and digital artistry results in what I have called Intuitive Portraiture.


Once the setting for the portrait is defined, the pre-production phase begins with the research of pictures (from my own archives or stock photos) and the props needed. Some projects require me to create props from scratch, which although is often challenging, is always a rewarding part of the process.


Then it’s time for the actual shooting. The portraitee will get costumed, have their make-up and hair done, and then I photograph their pose and expression as required.


In post the selected photo from the shooting and the portrait environment are blended and finalized.

The process is sealed with an interpretative note that comes with the finished piece.

Don't Mess with Her - detail

Don't Mess with Her - detail

Clockworker Night - detail

Clockworker Night - detail