Intuitive Portraiture



While I am always happy to discuss your particular requirements and accommodate your own ideas, the final piece will always be an emanation of my intuitive and artistic workflow.


Timescales vary from piece to piece from a few weeks to a few months depending on the complexity of the piece, props to craft, etc.


Typically we would arrange an initial meeting or if more convenient, meet over the phone or by email. I'll then provide you with a scenario and a quote accordingly.


I understand this way of working as co-creating, since you allow me a valuable and personal insight into your personality. Without a person being open to the process, the intuitive approach would be futile. First and foremost it is my concern that creating a piece in this way be an enjoyable and satisfying experience for us both.

Printing and Framing

I have an established printer and framer at hand, providing state of the art fine-art rgb giclee prints.

Clockworker Day - detail

Clockworker Day - detail

Lisbionic Liaisons - detail

Lisbionic Liaisons - detail